GE 3-Way Fan Control Smart Switch issues

I’m hoping that somebody on here is able to help me out with a problem I’ve run in to when setting up some switches. I have a three way switch that is giving me problems when trying to manually toggle the switches. The switches work through the smartthings app perfectly. The add on switch is able to turn on the fan manually but not back off, and the main switch doesn’t control anything when manually switched. The two switches are on opposite sides of the room with the fan they control being between them. The wiring is as follows:

Switch 1 (smart fan control):
This switch is by a hallway on one side of the room. It is a part of a three switch gang box. The line comes from the switch to the right of it. I tested all of the wires on both switches of this three way and none of them had power going to them, so I guess bringing in the line from the switch to the right of it was the only way to make this work. There are three other wires running to the switch, two from one bundle and one from a separate bundle. Since the two from one bundle match the colors from the two in another bundle at the add on switch, I assumed these were the traveler wires and the single wire from the other bundle was the load. Following the wiring from before, I wired what I assumed to be the load wire in the same screw as the line, wired the black traveler to the load screw, wired the white traveler to the traveler screw, and wired neutral to the neutral screw.

Switch 2 (add on):
This switch is by the kitchen on the other side of the living room. This switch had three wires running to it, two from one bundle as mentioned above, and one from a separate bundle. I assumed the separate bundle was another load (this is where it doesn’t make sense) and the two other wires were the travelers. I wired the white traveler wire to the traveler screw on the add on switch, the neutral to the neutral screw and bundled the black traveler wire and load together.

I tried switching the load and black traveler wires on switch 1 (load to load screw and black traveler to line screw) but this just kept the fan on without being able to turn it off. This is obviously a funky three way wiring since it has two loads (I think), one going to each switch, and it piggybacks from the line of the switch to the right of it. Is there any way I can get the manual toggling of these switches to work, or does the wiring prevent that? I’m able to control it from my phone and through Alexa so it’s not the end of the world if I can’t, but it’d be nice if they worked manually as well. I unfortunately didn’t take pictures before I started (rookie move) but let me know if pictures of the current configuration would help. I’d appreciate any help I can get on understanding what’s happening here and how I could possibly fix it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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