GE/Jasco... help me identify a product?

Okay, I’m looking to add some switches to my setup, but I need help identifying what switch I want. A few months back I ordered a bunch of switches, on of which was a dimmer switch that could be used as a single pole or in a three-way setup. It DID require a neutral wire and therefore should be compatible with dimmible CFLs (maybe) and LEDs (probably). But I can’t find the product number for this unit now. I didn’t save the packaging and my eBay auctions have expired so I can’t look back at them to figure out what I bought. I looked at the back of it last night and the model number says: ZW3002-WCS, which one company I’m working with to try and get some switches is telling me is the GE/Jasoc 45612, but I’m positive this is incorrect info because my switch has a neutral wire on it and the 45612 does not have a neutral.

What I’ve been able to determine on GE/Jasco items:

45600 = Remote, Basic
45601 = Remote with LED display
45602 = Plug in lamp module w/Dimming
45603 = Plug in appliance module On/Off only
45604 = Plug in appliance module On/Off only, outdoor rated
45605 = In wall outlet socket
45606 = In wall Dimmer, No neutral required, can NOT be used in a 3way setup.
45607 = ??
45608 = Advanced remote control (Zwave, Home Theatre)
45609 = In wall switch, On/Off only, requires neutral
45610 = 3way Aux switch. Requires neutral
45611 = ??
45612 = In wall switch, Dimmer, 3 way possible, No neutral required (AUX still requires neutral)
45613 = Kit, 3way dimmer -> Contains one master switch (not sure of which model) and one Aux switch (45610)
45614 = Kit, 3way, on/off -> Contains one master switch (45609) and one Aux switch (45610)
45631 = In wall keypad controller

What I have that I can’t identify is an in wall switch, dimmer, 3-way capable that REQUIRES a neutral, which doesn’t fit any of the known options here. I found one site that refers to the switch I have as the 45607, which fits as that is one product that I haven’t identified. But that’s the only site. I can’t find 45607 listed anywhere else. Here’s the site:

The picture they show of the dimmer switch hanging out about a third of the way down is what my switch looks like.

Can any one help? Can you confirm for sure what my switch is?

Okay, found a little more info:

If you zoom in on pages 12 and 13 you get nice views of the master and aux units in the 45613. Unlike most of the GE/Jasco switches these have wires coming out of the back of the unit rather than terminals for you to connect your house wires directly to the unit. These look identical to the unit I have, except for the writing on the back of the master unit. In the manual here it is clearly labeled 45607 where as mine says ZW3002-WCS. Otherwise it’s the same unit… same wiring.

So I think the 45607 is what I’m looking for, but I don’t know if it was ever sold separately. I’m also not sure if 45613 will always have the 45607 or if some of the 45613 kits have the 45612 master instead, as at least one company I’m working with is trying to say.