Z-wave appliance and lamp modules $39.99 for 3 - Vera store, free shipping, but may have tax

There are a bunch of clearance items in the vera shop:

The best deal appears to be the Zwave light and appliance(dimmable) modules, which offer energy monitoring. They look like this GE model in the Amazon link below, though the listing doesn’t include the manufacturer on the Vera site. I ordered 3, so we’ll see how it goes, and it’s a lot cheaper than the Amazon price for $35 for one. For z-wave repeaters, I think they’ll be nice even if I can’t find more things that need to be turned on and off.

I found this thread that discusses some of these modules:

Weird that I can’t find any references to the exact product numbers (JSC-45652WB, JSC-45653WB, etc.) around the ST forums. Has nobody used them with ST?

I see @TheSmartestHouse also sells these modules (here and here), but not many other sellers online. Maybe he can confirm if they actually work with ST (sorry in advance for the cross-seller reference - just looking for info from helpful sources. :slight_smile: )

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Ha ha, I guess I pulled the trigger so quickly I didn’t even see that there are other “manufacturers” making the models that look similar to the GE (which I’m guessing maybe is just rebranded also?)… Will try to come back to this thread and report on my success or failure when they arrive, since I ordered one 3-pack.

These have been discontinued by the manufacturer for a while. We literally have 2-3 pieces left in the inventory and while we haven’t tested them with ST, they should work just fine as on/off devices since these are usually based on binary-switch command classes. 12719 looks like a newer version of the module which we’ve never carried but we expect for it to work just as well as a simple on/off device.

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searching for that model number 45653, it looks like they’re made by Jasco, who also makes the GE ones which are rebranded. Monoprice also sells a model that looks like these, usually for $29.99 before any sale coupons.

127xx is basically the “2nd gen” GE/Jasco devices, the 3rd gen stuff with a different model prefix is in the process of being released.

456xx are the 1st gen stuff and are quite old as you say. While twice the price, these are much more modern and have Z-Wave Plus:


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Thanks for the information everyone. For simple on-off and regular Zwave repeaters at $13.33 each, hopefully these will work ok. If they work as well as the $20 Aeon plug-in energy monitoring models I already have, I’ll be happy!


I ordered a set also, I’m sure there is something at home that needs to be turned on and off :smiley:

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My set already arrived today. I installed one in the garage, which is starting to get a bit far from the hub. I couldn’t get it to pair/recognize on a normal “add things” out there. I decided to bring it closer to the hub and it paired (pushing the on-off button on the device once or twice while in “add things” mode worked for me).

Then I plugged it back in out in the garage and noticed that there was a 3-4 second delay between turning it on/off and it actually happening. I did a Zwave repair and after that, it’s basically instantaneous.

I’ve already thought of two other places/devices I want on these switches and am wishing I bought more- First, on a 6-port USB charging hub, where I can program it to come on for 2-3 hours every day and/or stay on for 2-3 hours if manually triggered so that i can keep some devices topped off without always having them “charging” all of the time.

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Got mine today. These work great with ST! Too bad they’re sold out - great value.

I finally got to opening modules and realized I only got the lamp modules. Would it be fine to use as switch (not the dimmer) only for an electric fan or a lamp with cfl.

You should never plug things like non-dimmable CFL bulbs or appliances into dimmer modules/switches, as they present potential fire hazards. Here’s a good description of what a dimmer does, and why not to use them with non-dimmable things.

Edit: I just read the manual for these (I got the 3 pack) and they specifically call out not using them with fluorescent lighting (which CFL is) or small appliances with motors.

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