4 way dimmer switch purchase question

(Sean) #1

I’m looking to replace three switches in my home that control 3 lights (stairs and hallway) with the GE 3-way dimmer switch kit and I know I need an additional switch to complete the 4 way but I’m not sure which on I need. According to the GE 3-way doc I would just need another of the passive switches but I’m not sure which that is on SmartThings/Amazon. Could someone point me in the right direction please?



(Chrisb) #2

You’re looking for GE/Jasco 45610: Z-wave AUX switch.

Make sure you shop around. Probably some good deals on eBay.

(Chris Corcoran) #3

One thing to be careful of. The GE does not have a neutral wire. It did not work very well with my LED lights, sometimes the switch worked and sometimes it didn’t. I replaced them with the Evolve ZW500D and their aux switches. The 1st switch I got had issues (it turned on at random times even without an association to the hub). I replaced that with a new switch. I still have a minor issue (when I turn up brightness all the way the lights go out, if I stop just before full power they are fine). That said, it is working much better then the GE switch did.