New GE in wall toggle switches, connecting

Got the new GE toggle switch from the Smartthings store and an add on switch. All wired up and works fine manually. Refuses to be recognized by the hub that’s 25 ft away. Reboot hub, nada. Cycle breaker at panel, nada. This new device does not show up in iOS app under smart setup switches. What next?..

Moved the hub 1 foot away, nada…

And the answer is… You must search for a Jasco switch, and the moment you tell the iOS app to “connect now”, must must repeated hit the up button on the wall switch.

I hope you don’t mind if I piggy back on your thread but may I ask…

Are you using the new GE 12722 Switch w/ the GE 12723 Add-on in a 3-way configuration? Is up always on (and down always off)? Meaning if you go to the primary switch (12722) and turn it on; then walk over to the add-on switch (12723), which direction turns the light back off (up or down)?

Reason I’m asking, is that a standard, non-zwave 3-way circuit you can have a situation where if both switches are up, the lights are actually off. I’m weird…and OCD, and that drives me absolutely nuts. Especially with switches that just toggle up/down and don’t maintain their physical state, i’d like to be able to always know that no matter what switch was turned on that up always means on and down always means off. I appreciate the help, thank you!

That’s exactly the reason I use momentary switches to control all my light devices.

Which momentary switches are you using? I haven’t come across any that were z-wave enabled. Most of the Z-wave switches that seem common seem to be toggle switches where they rest in the middle and toggle one direction or another depending on action?

Would the 12722 + 12723 not provide the same result? I’m okay with the rockers as long as up always means on, and down always means off.

Yup, none exist that I’m aware or. I used AEON micro’s and Legrand adorne paddles that I modified to pushbuttons.

Thanks for the link, I found the videos as well! Much appreciated.

Disappointing to hear, however :frowning: I was really hoping the z-wave rocker switches would solve this for me. I don’t necessarily want a handful of Lagrand switches mixed with my regular Decora style switches.

(Edit…correcting terminology to “rocker” switches)

I wanted to update with my real world experience after purchasing the GE switches. I am pleased to say that the GE switched DO in fact work just how I was hoping in a three-way configuration!!! Rocking up ALWAYS means on, and rocking down ALWAYS means off. It perfectly satisfied my OCD tendencies! :smiley: I’m using the 12722 & 12724 switches with the 12723 add-on. Works perfectly. I can turn a light on at the bottom of the stairs, walk to the top, click down and the lights turn off. It’s perfect.

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