Zooz Toggle Switch... 3-way

When Smartest House had these switches on sale on Black Friday, I purchased some… I forgot that one of the lights I want to setup is a 3-way. I know on the GE/Jasco switches there is a “dummy” one you buy as the second switch. I don’t seem to find that option for the Zooz… anyone know what to do? Thanks

Though it doesn’t answer your question, I would tell you to get your money back for the Zooz switches. I have 3 (2 switches/ one of the dimmers), and NONE of them work reliably with Smartthings. The switches lose sync and end up requiring me to reset the circuit breaker. The dimmer doesn’t respond to Smartthings commands.

If you insist on keeping them, I’m sure that the add-on switches from GE will work with the Zooz dimmer. It has the same traveler option that the GE dimmers do.


Yeah, I have two and I’m not crazy about them either. Next time, I’ll pay the extra $8 for the GE/Jasco switches (though, to be honest, the Zooz switches look like they might have the same internals as the Jasco switches… Factory seconds, maybe?).

Can confirm, though, I saw documentation somewhere that they work with the GE/Jasco add-on switches just fine. They even have the same “NO 120V” sticker over the traveler terminal.

Hi @jgirvine, Zooz toggle switches may be used with the GE add-on in a 3-way configuration: http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/ge-12728-z-wave-add-on-switch

That’s currently the only option to have them wired in a 3-way. Just remember is that you have to use the Zooz switch as master, connecting it to line, load, ground, neutral and traveler, while the add-on GE switch is only connected to ground, neutral, and traveler - it can not be powered up to a hot line or it will be easily damaged.

Take a look at the installation video for the add-ons:

If you’re not sure about identifying the wiring, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions!

Hi, I purchased the ZooZ toggle switch and the GE Add-On. After install the add-on seems to work in reverse (donw is off, up is on). Is there some way to fix this other than turning the add on switch upside down?

Had the same problem, I just flipped the addon upside down.

Are the any sales right now for z-wave plus toggle switches?

yea, its an option, just seems stupid to have to do it…

Yeah I know. Try sending an e-mail to there support.

Unfortunately, there’s no work-around for this. You basically need to install the add-on upside down not to have the reverse up/down functionality. We have already implemented changes on the hardware and software side to fix this so the next production run will not have this issue. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks. Also, the ground lug on the Zooz switch is very difficult to use, it basically will only half hold the ground wire. I hope you are looking into fixing this as well!

Thanks for sharing this Jon. This issue is new to us, would you mind sharing more info with our support so we can look into the problem? https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/pages/contact-us

I just installed a Zooz Zen21 switch in a 3-way configuration without a secondary dummy switch and it works great.

This YouTube how-to was a great help. https://youtu.be/Z0rLCvKD2Ps

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Hey guys, I just placed an order for the Zooz 3way ZWAVE Plus switch on Amazon. So I wanted to check out my current wiring. I took the outlet boxes apart and just drew up quickly what I saw. Was wondering if any of you smart folks that have dealt with 3 way switches could help?

I believe I have it mostly figured out. Believe the cable 1 is bringing in the line/power from junction box. Cable 2 I believe goes to the add on dimmer switch that is currently being used and cable 3 goes up to the lights.

With the new Zooz switch, I should be able to throw away the “Dim Switch” and put the current dummy Switch on the top image in that junction box. Then with the Zooz, use Cable 1 as the line & neutral, Cable 3 as the load and Cable 2 as the traveler. Do you agree?