New firmware 3/10/14

So what’s in the new firmware? Any new features? I can’t find any release notes

How do you know you got new firmware? What version are you on? I just checked mine and no updates.


I just checked my app and I had an update

Firmware Version 000.011.00231

Oh, interesting. I’ve been on that one, not sure how long. Seems pretty stable, haven’t had any issues with it.

Hmm we’ll now I’m confused

Is there a way to trigger the update? I’m still on 000.010.00246.

Interesting, I’m on 000.011.00069.

Any idea why we are not all on the most recent and what is the most recent?

ST peeps? Input?

we will be releasing more info on our Wednesday office hours/email. But as a heads up you can update your hub by going to the app, going into the setting, clicking on your hub, then clicking update hub on the last line.

One of the reasons there isn’t a broader release we already have a newer firmware that is almost done that adds some more stability to 11.231.

Full feature list incoming.

Thanks for the update @urman!

Is this instruction iOS only?

Thanks @urman, I updated and I’ll see how stable this goes. I am looking forward to a feature list, firmware list, and a system status page. :slight_smile:

@urman Looked in on the Web IDE and couldn’t find a way to update. Is the option to update really only available through the iOS app?

It would appear to be IOS only. I confirmed the option is not in the Android beta either

I’m on the Android beta, and my hub is on v011.00231 and so far so good.

right now its iOS only. So 11.231 is somewhat of a middle release. Our larger release will be another 11X version. We will auto install it for all users when its ready. So you won’t have to go the manual update route.

If you want the update now and have an Android phone you can request “Labs” Firmware by emailing Otherwise we will auto install it to everyones account.

If I am already on a labs firmware (000.011.00069 for WeMo support), can I assume it will also auto-update?

yeah, we will update everyones hubs firmware when the next firmware release is final, regardless of what firmware you have now.

Thanks @Urman. Just surprised the option to update the hub is not in the IDE. Going forward will all firmwares be auto installed?

Also, i requested the labs firmware a few weeks ago. should i not have gotten this firmware then?