Firmware update Wednesday

I received notice of hub firmware update tomorrow between 1 and 2 PM. This version “offers a number of performance, security, and stability improvements.” Anyone else get this and/or release notes?

Where did you get this? In email? I may already have this firmware as I got a pre-release last week for my Gen 5 Aeon HD Energy Switch

E-mail about an hour ago.

Did you get any release notes?

I did not receive…IDE shows my firmware as 000.013.00005

Oh, and:
zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4
zwaveVersion: 809

Support did something to my hub today to alleviate some issues…be curious if you all end up at my version or this isn’t the one Beckwith got notified of.

@beckwith No Sir… No release notes. I didn’t get an email.

Here is my current version
Firmware Version 000.012.00074
zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4
zwaveVersion: 809

whoa… I’m totally out of date.

Firmware Version 000.011.00603
zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4
zwaveVersion: 0

Mine says 000.011.00603 and when I got to the app and check for update it says I am up to date. So I don’t understand why there are different firmware versions. My hub is a hub v1, US customer

Firmware Version 000.011.00705
zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4
zwaveSerialVersion: 0
zwaveVersion: 0

Hopefully this fixes my Z-Wave UART problem that crashes my hub.

@joelw135 - I think this is the first “official” firmware update since 11.00603. Otherwise, support would load 000.011.00705 to fix known issues upon request.

They have official releases, you’re hub is at the latest official release.

The reason people have different versions is to fix problems or allow for more functionality that is currently in testing to be implemented. Like mine is because I have a z-wave gen 5 device, which isn’t currently supported. Also for awhile the zigbee firmware 1.5.4 wasn’t official but a lot of people were getting it to allow linking GE Bulbs and Hue Bulbs directly to their hub.

Best way to answer your question is if it’s not broke don’t fix it. :smile:

Hmm I have 2 gen 5 devices. Old firmware works great for me.

Also @ehoffman73 has a higher version than you @mattjfrank. Weird. How many pre release versions are there lol.

@ben @tyler @urman
Is there an official changeling?

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i got the notice as well been lookin for a change log to no avail please release a log ST we wanna know what has changed

These updates will roll out over the course of the next week or so.

Expect a blog post with release notes soon.


Anyone knows what is current and upcoming firmware versions? Mine says 000.011.00705 (zigbee ver 1.3.1, zwave ver 0!! ) yet app says it’s up-to-date.

Well, I’m on firmware 000.011.00705 but with Zigbee firmware 1.5.3.

So the main firmware and Zigbee firmware appear to be fairly independent.

I’m on “”, will I get the upgrade?

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Nope, you’ve been out of support for 20 years, please deposit your hub in the bin…


Firmware Version 000.011.00705
• zigbeeChannel: 14
• zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4
• zigbeeNodeID: 0000
• zigbeePanID: 1442
• zigbeePowerLevel: 254
• zwavePowerLevel: 00
• zwaveSerialVersion: 0
• zwaveVersion: 0

hrmm… Don’t know what to say.

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Does anyone know what time zone they are in? The announcement said 6 to 7pm but didn’t specify which time zone.