NEW Fibaro Z-Wave Plus Wall Plug with USB Charger FGWPB-121 PRE-SALE >> 20% OFF thru 2/25



Hi everyone,

We’ve just started a pre-sale of the new Fibaro Wall Plug that premiered recently at CES. It’s 20% OFF now through 2/25 and all orders will ship on 2/26 when it’s released everywhere else (with regular price). You can only get this deal at our website, we’ll be doing 10% off on Amazon in the next couple of days as well with the same shipping date.

The official custom device handler will be published by Fibaro shortly but here is a sneak peek:

What we like about this device:

  • The USB port reports energy use back to the hub so you can set notifications and trigger other devices (like a smart chime) when your device if fully charged. We haven’t seen this before on any other Z-Wave plug
  • It has double encryption, both AES-128 and the new S2 security protocol
  • It can handle all your bigger appliances like the Zooz ZEN15 but is much smaller and better looking :wink:

Let us know if you have any questions!