New Ecobee Sensor DTH?

I’ve had my ecobee and smart vents up and running for two years now without issue. I used to be able to open ST and see all of my rooms temperatures on the tiles, but after the august update, the temps are now gone. I’ve tried 3 or 4 DTHs for the sensors, including @yvesracine most recent, to no avail. I even opened a case with samsung and their reasoning was "the main function of the sensor is motion detection, not temperature display.

Has anyone been able to get their sensors to display the temperature?

Works perfectly for me.

Thanks for the suggestion Kevin. I took your advice and installed the entire suite. It definitely has incredible potential that my smart vent manager didn’t. However, my tiles are still the same. The only one that shows the actual temperature is the main thermostat, none of the room sensors have this, even with the 1.8.07 DTH.

@storageanarchy, Is this something you could help with? Am I missing something?


Please refer to MyEcobee forum thread, the most advanced and comprehensive ecobee implementation with new custom capabilities under the new Samsung platform.

The new version of MyRemoteSensor corrects this display issue in the new Samsung mible app. See second link for details.