Ecobee thermostats not temperature sensors?

Why do Ecobee thermostats not show up as temperature sensors?

My two Ecobee 3’s show up “Ecobee Thermostat

@4caulders, you can use the ST stock device or my custom ecobee device which has many more features.

Amongst others,

  • use of ecobee thermostats not only as temperature sensors, but also as presence sensors with smartapps
    that set your ecobee thermostat to ‘Away’ or ‘Present’
  • expose the ecobee3’s remote sensors as individual temperature and motion sensors for use in home automation scenarios.

See these threads for more detail:

Refer to

And, look at the readme file at the end for a list of smartapps that you can use
with my custom ecobee device.

Yes using the stock device type for the Ecobee they do not show up in smart apps as temperature sensors.
I may try your device type @yvesracine. Do I need to remove the stock one or will they play nice together?

@4caulders, you can run them in parallel for a short while, but I won’t recommend it on the long run as this could cause some data inconsistency between the 2.

My 2 cents.

@yvesracine does the remote sensor smart app require the Ecobee3 to be have the updated 3.6 firmware? Mine has not gotten the update yet and the remote sensor smart app is not working for me.

Hello @4caulders, what we’ve experienced so far is that for the temperature sensors, they work well w/o upgrading to 3.6; however for the motion sensors, it’s a different story.

They don’t report occupancy the way they should. So, you can use ecobee3RemoteSensorsInit at the moment with this in mind and it will work better as soon as you upgrade to the 3.6 firmware

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@yvesracine I have the thermostats added with your device type and they are working but I can’t get the remote sensors working. When I run the remote sensor smart app and select my thermostat the next page is blank. There are no sensors shown. I followed your read me but can’t figure out where I went wrong.

Hi @4caulders, please refer to the instructions given at the end of this thread. There are 2 probable
causes and I’ve given specific instructions to fix the problem.

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Thanks for all the help. It ended up being the remote sensor smart app. Something got messed up when I created it. I removed the code and did the remote sensor smart app and all is working now.

@yvesracine this has been working great. I have another question you might be able to answer. Are the remote sensors supposed to show humidity? In the the tile in smartthings there is a temperature and then another block that is just “–” .

@4caulders, the code is there, but ecobee needs to upgrade its firmware to report humidity. I don’t have any ETA for that feature. Sorry.

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