Issue with Philips Hue & Amazon Echo

I recently added two new bulbs (one was a replacement) but ST had an issue detecting them so while trying different things I ended up removing them from the bridge then adding them back. The problem with that is now each bulb skipped a sequence number in the bridge (7, 9 & 19, 21). My problem is the Amazon Echo will no longer detect those new bulbs (which it did before). I’m thinking it might be the two missing numbers. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is there a way to reset my bulb numbers so I don’t have any gaps or am I completely off base?

I doubt Echo has a problem with gaps in the internal sequence number… It gets the full REST-API path for each bulb and refers to it by the assigned name.

Run the “Forget” command using the Connected Home section of the Amazon Alexa App and then Discovery again. This is not uncommon to require sometimes.

Be sure not to Authorize the same bulbs in SmartThings, since you are connecting Echo directly via the Hue Bridge.

I have heard people having issues with the new Homekit enabled bridge and hue’s 2nd gen bulbs being not supported by Echo. I wonder if anyone here has a new hue Homekit bridge and/or one or more hue 2nd gen bulbs and having issues adding them to Alexa. The only two bulbs I cannot add are their recently released 2nd gen A19 and lightstrip plus

I have four of the new A19 bulbs and the v2 bridge, and Echo can find them…but via SmartThings, and SmartThings naming.

Are you going through the ST hub, or directly interfacing the Hue Bridge and Echo?

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I am not going through ST but through the hue v1 bridge and the v2 A19 and lightstrip plus are the only bulbs Alexa cannot detect. Maybe I should try to add those two through ST until Philips/Amazon get the 2nd gen bulbs supported with Alexa. I’m still curious if anyone else has 2nd gen bulbs and are having issues getting them detected by Alexa.

I was able to add the two new hue bulbs through ST, detected them without issue. Guess I’ll keep it this way until Philips/Hue get this issue resolved (hopefully they are working on it).

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I have it connected to Echo via ST thru the Hue Bridge 2.0 like @Shelley_Powers.

Alexa as such doesn’t recognize Hue GO as well of its own. But thru ST, it does.

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Yeah, I’m thinking the new 2nd gen bridge/bulbs don’t support Alexa right now. As before, hopefully they are working on that issue now. I trust Alexa’s ability to control my Hue lights more going directly through the Hue bridge than through ST.

It’s the other way around. About a month ago Phillips published some updates to their open API , which is what Amazon uses for Alexa, and it looks like Amazon just didn’t get around to putting them in in time.

So right at the moment, it’s Amazon which doesn’t support the Hue 2.0 Bridge. The device is working fine with many other integrations.

Amazon doesn’t have the 2.0 bridge in stock at the moment, and it is not expected to come back in stock until November 1, so that kind of gives them a little window to get that fix made.

I expect it will be soon, doesn’t sound like anything too complicated. Frustrating for now, though. Meanwhile, the workaround is what other people have said. As long as Echo is connecting to the Hue bridge through any of the connected home services (the wink app, smartthings, Insteon), then echo can control the bulbs attached to the Hue bridge 2.0

In the Echo Forums, people are just downloading the free wink app and using it even though they don’t have any Wink equipment and connecting Hue 2.0 bridge to echo through that and it works fine. So there’s obviously no hardware component, it’s just the API calls.

Glad you could get it working through ST.

We only use Alexa to turn a light on or off, and dim it, so the ST access works for us. We use another app, OnSwitch, when we want to have some fun with the lights. Just as long as you remember to *stop an animation with the same smartphone/tablet you used to start it.

I noticed that setting the color in ST for the Philips bulb doesn’t work, but if we set up a Smart Lights smart app to turn the light on at a certain time and to a certain color, that does work.

Won’t use the wink app, especially after reading about the **Wink company’s bankruptcy. Not until we know the apps are stable and supported.

*this led to a comical moment this week when the person with the tablet who started an animation went to bed before turning it off, and I’m trying to turn it off via ST, Alexa, and the app, only to have the light show come on, again and again. I finally had to physically turn the lights off.


I believe Best Buy has the bridge and starter kit in stock.

Having problems again it seems. Some of my hue bulbs just aren’t responsive via Smartthings and/or Echo. Not all of them, only some. I’ve removed them and re-included them in both ST and Echo. They work like once, then stop working. Even a refresh in the ST app doesn’t fix it.