New dual zone mini split will not accept heat mode

We recently had a Samsung dual zone mini split system installed back in June. The cooling functionality has been great but now we’re getting into the colder months. Tried switching both units to heat mode but discovered that mode is not an option in the SmartThing app (both on iOS and Android). Tried setting it with the remote but the indoor units don’t accept the command even though the remote shows “heat” is selected.

We had the guy who installed the system come out to do a fall maintenance check and everything looked fine with both the outdoor unit as well as the indoor units. Showed him the heat mode issue and the Samsung tech he was texting with said to update the phone OS as well as uninstall/reinstall the SmartThings app. Did all that an the issue persists.

While doing my own troubleshooting I discovered the “Advanced Users” web app. Found in the attributes section of the indoor units the supportedAcModes and “heat” was listed.

Started playing around with the commands and the setAirConditionerMode will accept every supported mode except “heat”.

I called Samsung HVAC support but was only able to leave a message. Seems like a SmartThings API issue or possibly a firmware upgrade on the indoor units. Not sure where to go from here and the weather is only getting colder.