SmartThings Update Broke Samsung HVAC Routines - 148F - 186F (April 2024)

I have 10 x Samsung ducted splits and 3 x 5 ton outdoor units in my home. We have used the smartthings app to set the routines and reduce energy for each of the rooms successfully until today. I went into edit a routine’s temperature and when attempting to set a temperature at 73F, it displayed an error message stating the only allowable temperature range was 148F - 186F. I can still control the units on the wall or using the app normally, but the programmatic range in the routines is limited to 148F - 186F. This is the case for all ten of the indoor ducted units which are of various models and product families. I tried deleting the routine, restarting the app, etc. with no luck so I am assuming the is an issue from an app update. Please help. Spending an enormous amount for an independent system per room to reduce energy cost is pretty useless if they can’t be programmed.

report the issue to ST Support. If you use Android, a temporary fix would be to use an APK site to downgrade the app to a previous version until the app is fixed (assuming it is the app).


Most thermostats have a use programmable range, wonder if that got changed. Run through the setup menue again.

I have a new Samsung DVM S HVAC system installed with two zones - bedrooms and living room - and WiFi adapter. the two units are distincting setup in the app.
I want to set up an automation routine in SmartThings to turn on heat in Bedrooms to 71 degrees F. The units’ profile is set to Fahrenheit units.
However. the SmartThings routine for Set Temperature erroneously asks “Enter number between 142 and 186” deg F. What is happening here? Who is going to heat a house to 142 degF?

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It looks like they have re-released one of their greatest hits.

The numbers seem consistent with a range of 18 to 30 C having gone through a C to F conversion twice. I thought we’d seen the back of that sort of nonsense a long time ago.

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