New Devices from SmartLife Not Showing Up in SmartThings

I have SmartLife connected as a service in SmartThings.
Today I added 3 temperature and humidity sensors in SmartLife but they are not showing up in SmartThings.

I went to SmartLife service within SmartThings settings and did a refresh and the new sensors are still not showing up.

Am I missing something?


Not all devices that are included in SmartLife are passed to SmartThings. I ran into this with a couple of Tuya devices. Even with a Tuya hub, I couldn’t see all of the devices. I finally abandoned this mission put all my Tuya devices in the bin and got proper ST’s Zigbee or ZWave devices for the things I was trying to use in SmartLife.


Thanks for the info. I had a hunch that maybe not all SmartLife devices show up in SmartThings.

@JetRocket Same here and looks like Zigbee device is a better alternative.