New devices added as CLOUD instead of LOCAL?

Added 2 devices today, one Z-wave and one Zigbee and both show CLOUD in the IDE. Both used default handlers that I would have expected were 100% local.

Hub is running 000.039.00006. No EDGE drivers installed on this hub, and I didn’t opt it into any channels.

First device is an Iris V2 motion sensor, which got added by default with “Zigbee Motion/Temp/Humidity Sensor” DTH.
Second is a Dome zwave plus extender, which got added by default with “Z-Wave Range Extender” DTH.

Both show image in their details.

Am I crazy? This Iris V2 sensor I’ve added/removed before and I’m sure it came up with the default handler and LOCAL. The extender I’ve never added before but I would expect a simple DTH for something with no logic would have had the local DTH treatment.

Anyone else seeing this behaviour on devices they’ve added recently and expected LOCAL?

That is a cloud dth. Is this the one you have?


Neither of the handlers you mentioned run locally. What made you think they would?

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Yep, thats it.

I swore that I had added the IrisV2 and it was local in the past. With so many of the “simple” default handlers being converter to local (and many of my devices using those) I conflated the two ideas in my head I guess.

Thanks for confirming! Everyone have a great weekend, nothing to see here! :slight_smile: