New construction


I have a new house, framed and roughed in boxes. The electrician knows nothing about zwave. I currently played around with vera hub and some plug in adapters in my rental. I will be getting a smart things hub for the new house. I don’t know what switch brand to use. Leviton, GE Jasco, other???
I really liked the output on the 5000K Feit 4" can’s

I would like to know what people think. I would like my standard switches to close color match my zwave, no buzzing, no flickering. what are the most problem free?

Currently in my rental, I installed the leviton wink. After a phone conversation with leviton vrmx1-1lz for master dimmer
vp00r-1lz for slave dimmers

I have no idea what I am doing here and I fear getting the wrong products to get the job done.

Any help would really really be appreciated.

(Todd Whitehead) #2

I recommend asking your electrician to not use switch loops. Ask him to wire power to each switch box.

Ask him to wire all 3-way and 4-way switches with standard 14/3 WG wire.

If he does this for every switch, you can easily install smart switches.

I personally prefer the linear switches. I like that the 3-ways work without a traveller wire.

But, I’ve only used the GE and linear switches, so I’m not the best to help you with that.


(Andy Kim) #3

I’m about to wire my basement, could you explain why switch loops are bad? Is it because it uses the neutral as a hot?

Bottom line, is sounds like you are saying I should run my power to the switch first, then to all of my can lights.

(Todd Whitehead) #4

Exactly. Smart switches need power all the time. A switch loop only sends power through the switch when the light is on. This does not allow the switch to have power all the time.

Run from the breaker to the switch, and then run from the switch to the light. That way, when you put the smart switch in, it has power all the time.