Best Z-Wave Switch (2-Way Report)

I need know what is the best switch to install on my new home. I wish 2 way reporting, to see on the SmartThings app if light is OFF or ON immediatly when anyone at home turned on of off.

Thank you

All of them do 2-way reporting. People seem to universally like the GE/Jasco switches. I’ve personally had good luck with GE and Enerwave.

what you are probably looking for is instant status update. not all of them have it. Best one i found for instant status is leviton. I have few of them and they work great both dimmers and switches

May I know the exactly models?

May I know the exactly models?

I read about this, Leviton instant status update. Any disconnection problems?
May I know the exactly models?

How many do you have? I wish the perfect model to install in my whole house.

i use Leviton VRMX1-1LZ and Leviton VRS15-1LZ for non dimmer. both work great .zero issues. had it for almost 2 years or so. both are solid. work with LEDs no buzzing and worked great with vera and with smartthings