New, but my forum searches are not returning what I need

I am very new, and have lots of ideas spinning in the back of my head, but no clue how to implement them. I do searches on the forum, but don’t seem to find what I need…
Example:… I have a motion detector at the front door. I want to have it send me a text if there is motion at the front door IF neither presence detectors (cell phones) are at home… so it is a smart app I am sure, but how do I find the right one? I also tried IFTT, and found things sort of…
so two questions, anyone know what I do to do this, and second how can I improve my forum searches? Thanks

You could try the “Nobody Home” SmartApp to trigger a routine that arms Smart Home Monitor - once SHM is configured it’ll send you notifications when any contact sensors or motion sensors change.

The Nobody Home SmartApp will allow you to trigger another routine that’ll disarm SHM when at least one person returns.

It should be under Marketplace -> SmartApps -> Presence & Modes :smile:

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The smartapp Rule Machine should do what you want.

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As will SmartRules. You’ll pretty much find that if you want to place conditions on your triggers and actions, you need a third party app as ST doesn’t support rules at this point.

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