New user, want a routine/app, how?

Sorry just installed SmartThings today in UK. I’ve got my hub, multi sensor and motion working and added my iPhone.

I’ve iused IFTTT before and thought SmartThings would be similar for tasks/routines/scripts whatever you call them.

So I’ve seen the marketplace on the ST app but I want to do some things of my own.

So for example. I want to use my iPhone and when I leave get a notification if my multi sensors downstairs are open, ie left a door or window open.

How do I this. Haven’t a clue I’m afraid. There’s lots of this sort of if this then do that I want to do.


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There are a number of ways to accomplish this. The best way to accomplish this, in my opinion, is to use Rule Machine or Trigger Happy by bravenel. These two apps will allow you to do what you are asking plus a whole lot more.

Thanks for that, this is what I am wanting, especially time specific rules.

I didn’t know I had to do it like this I thought this would be built in. It seems complicated and do I have to use a computer to install this script? or can I use my iPhone, which I thought it would be the way it works.

Sorry you total new on this!!

SmartThings is very powerful but not very intuitive. The following clickable link is an introduction to the various ways of setting up schedules and controlling new devices. I wish there were a more straightforward way to discuss it but there are just a lot of different options. Some of them are quite easy to use once you find them.

Ok I’ve managed to add these smartapps via my computer. I can now do some rules for time specific.

However the smartapps don’t work for 12am, it keeps defaulting to 12pm. So for example I wanted an alert if between 12:05am and 6am my multi sensor on my back or front door opened. Even if I chose 12am, 12:05am, or anything with 12am, it defaults to 12pm.

At the moment I’m setting it to 1am and it works and stays, but there must be a fault in the code (i copied and pasted it exactly), or three actual SmartThings app on my iPhone.

Can someone test the same please and tell me, and how I go about getting it fixed.