New bulb from Philips. Ceiling fan users rejoice!


Havent seen this posted any where. Forgive me if it was.

(Ben Lebson) #2

Unfortunately it’s too ugly for a chandelier, anything where the bulb is hidden will look great though.

(Dan P Parker) #3

Not in the U.S. yet…and at nearly US$40/copy for the European version (at current exchange rates). I don’t think I’d be too excited about the idea of spending $120-$200 (or more) to populate a ceiling fixture, even if I were inclined to want to do so with multi-color lights.

(Glen King) #4

They say they are also doing white light bulbs - and if they are around $15 per bulb, I have a number of fixtures that will be getting them. Better IMO than having to pull new wiring in my old house in order to use smart dimmer switches. I would then dispose of the old dimmers, and put in simple toggle switches… it’s a practical and economical solution

(Ben Lebson) #5

You could also go with the Lutron Caseta switches/dimmers which don’t require a neutral and now work with SmartThings (you need to get the Lutron hub for the integration).

(Glen King) #6

And that is the sticking point. I already have a myriad of hubs; I don’t want yet another. Only reason I went with Hue was it was a gift, else I would not have that either… so since Hue is what I have, I am willing to wait. It was only a question of time until Hue came out with this stuff. And then I will wait til my Bday, and when folks ask what they can get me I’ll tell them “light bulbs” lol

(Ben Lebson) #7

I guess the difference is it would be $50 using a switch for a 5-bulb chandelier rather than $200 for the hue bulbs…

(Dan P Parker) #8

Except that you also need the $90 (from Amazon, at the moment) Lutron bridge.


Finally. I replaced a ceiling fan because it used these bulbs. I wanted to use smart bulbs and the fan was never bright enough for the living room, anyway.

(Ben Lebson) #10

only $99 for a Dimmer, Pico Remote and hub if you get the package deal.

(Glen King) #11

And again, that’s if you are using the color bulbs. If the white bulbs are priced in the same range as their other current white bulbs, the 5-bulb chandelier comes to less than a hundred bucks… with no need for an additional hub.


I hope they have a decent max brightness. I changed a few GU10 to Hue only to find they’re not bright enough :frowning: