New bulb from Philips. Ceiling fan users rejoice!

Havent seen this posted any where. Forgive me if it was.


Unfortunately it’s too ugly for a chandelier, anything where the bulb is hidden will look great though.

Not in the U.S. yet…and at nearly US$40/copy for the European version (at current exchange rates). I don’t think I’d be too excited about the idea of spending $120-$200 (or more) to populate a ceiling fixture, even if I were inclined to want to do so with multi-color lights.

They say they are also doing white light bulbs - and if they are around $15 per bulb, I have a number of fixtures that will be getting them. Better IMO than having to pull new wiring in my old house in order to use smart dimmer switches. I would then dispose of the old dimmers, and put in simple toggle switches… it’s a practical and economical solution

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You could also go with the Lutron Caseta switches/dimmers which don’t require a neutral and now work with SmartThings (you need to get the Lutron hub for the integration).

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And that is the sticking point. I already have a myriad of hubs; I don’t want yet another. Only reason I went with Hue was it was a gift, else I would not have that either… so since Hue is what I have, I am willing to wait. It was only a question of time until Hue came out with this stuff. And then I will wait til my Bday, and when folks ask what they can get me I’ll tell them “light bulbs” lol

I guess the difference is it would be $50 using a switch for a 5-bulb chandelier rather than $200 for the hue bulbs…

Except that you also need the $90 (from Amazon, at the moment) Lutron bridge.

Finally. I replaced a ceiling fan because it used these bulbs. I wanted to use smart bulbs and the fan was never bright enough for the living room, anyway.

only $99 for a Dimmer, Pico Remote and hub if you get the package deal.

And again, that’s if you are using the color bulbs. If the white bulbs are priced in the same range as their other current white bulbs, the 5-bulb chandelier comes to less than a hundred bucks… with no need for an additional hub.

I hope they have a decent max brightness. I changed a few GU10 to Hue only to find they’re not bright enough :frowning: