RBG bulb, any recommendations?

I have been using an Osram Lightify RGB bulb for over a year and it is mostly OK. It loses connectivity sometimes and the colors are not all that vibrant. Does anyone have a RGB bulb (A19) that they are thrilled with? Also is there a B11 bulb that connects to Smartthings? I suspect the answer is no because of size limitations. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Philips now makes a Hue candle bulb with an E12 base, but it’s bigger than a typical chandelier bulb so won’t work for all fixtures. And it’s expensive, list price of almost $30 a bulb.


FEIT has a line of bluetooth B10 chandelier bulbs which are smaller and cheaper, but they don’t work with SmartThings, just with their own app.


Thanks JD, I will try one. At $30, it is still cheaper and more convenient than a plug in outlet controller.

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Oops, I ordered the wrong one, the $30 one is just white adjustable. The color Hue E12 is $50. That is a bit pricey.