Aurora AOne Rotary Dimmers - 2 way switching with ST? (UK)

Help - I have replaced a 2 way lighting circuit with two Aurora AOne Rotary dimmers (one set as Master and one Slave). Both devices are recognised by the ST hub and show up in the ST app - and both are labeled as Type:ZigBee Dimmer. The master dimmer works fine (operates lights manually and via app) - but the slave does nothing. The slave dimmer shows up as a “Light” in the app and in the IDE shows up as model: WallDimmerSlave (while the master shows up correctly in the app as a dimmer). When you operate the slave dimmer in the app - it goes on and straight off - but doesn’t operate (even flicker) the lights.
I’ve been told I need to use the Aurora App (which only works with the Aurora Hub) to pair the Master and Slave to make this work correctly (but I really don’t want the expense and want all my automation through one app).
Very annoying as the Aurora website and instructions explain you need to select one switch as Master and the other as Slave - but makes no mention you then need Aurora app and hub to configure and then can’t use lights via ST!
Is there any way to either configure the Slave via Smart Things - so it works as a 2 way dimmer or get the Aurora AOne app to use the ST hub?

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Did you make any progress with this @KarlEvans66 ?
Or find an alternative solution?

I’m trying to create the same setup - 2 way dimmers, and am yet to find a good solution.

Hi - dispite searching for a solution - I had to bite the bullet and buy an Aurora Hub and switch to using the Aurora app for my lighting. I got the hub second hand (Ebay) - so it wasn’t the end of the world. Lights work great off Alexa and Aurora apps has same features for scenes and schedules - but only for lights. Would have preferred controlling from ST (to manage scenes and schedules across all devices) - but not an option at the moment.

Thanks for replying so quick.

That’s a shame. I tried the Aurora hub/app, and didn’t get along with it. I’ve switched most of my house to retractive switches, which work 2-way and can also dim, but in this case I wanted rotary dimmers in each 2-way position.

I’m hoping Aurora update their DTH to allow this to work within Smartthings, but I won’t be holding my breath for that.


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Hi All.

Thanks for reaching out.

Our original spec for the rotary dimmer was to have the 2-way functionality working within SmartThings, along with switchable backlight.

Sadly these weren’t possible at the time of initial integration due to platform limitations, an issue which I believe has since been rectified.

I will escalate through our internal team to understand why this has yet to be fully completed.




That would be Fantastic - would much prefer to manage my lights through ST - as I can then mix sensors and actions (planning Konnected alarm - so I can use existing alarm PIRs as motion sensors with lights)

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Hi. Its a shame you had to get the Aurora Hub. That said - how did you get the battery rotary dimmer to even work with ST? I had this months ago and it wouldn’t even get found by my ST hub. Aurora told me it does not and will not work with ST and in a convo with them the other day they are still unsure if/when any firmware will be updated.
Id love to know what you did to get it to work - i take it the device dimmed correctly and everything?. If you just added it then god knows whats up with mine :joy:

I spoke to Aurora the other day and this still not in their pipeline. Unless you can offer any other inside info? This would be a great update.

Andy - any update on the two-way switching working with ST hub?