New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

The stupid situation is that in Italy Samsung site, the nest cam is write compatibile :roll_eyes::pensive:

Bliss Automation by Alta has been added

OA IoT has been added

Is the developer Old MacDonald? :wink:


Looks like it’s some kind of Korean small home appliance brand

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Epic :joy::joy::joy::+1:

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Shoot why don’t i get this?

Humour is region locked :innocent:


My voice reader read it as individual letters, O A I O T. Which reminded me of the children’s song, Old MacDonald.

“Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O.” Same cadence.


why can’t they add broadlink, or irobot, or even levoit??

SmartThings published their API about 18 months ago, so now it is up to the individual device manufacturers to create and maintain the integrations. If there’s one that you would like to see, you should contact that manufacturer and talk to them about it.

Yes, but the only ones I tried to ask (shelly and Netatmo) bounced back To ask Samsung, probably because they have no weaves

Shelly and Netatmo already have an integration, so apparently they figured out how to publish their own.

Looks like their is a new device category. Only thing added to it is the new Zooz tilt/shock sensor.

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Yes, but very bad, Netatmo only the useless integration of the thermostat that is updated every 6h … Shelly a cloud integration that disconnected too often. Bad integrations.



I am new here!
I want connect…
My smart Thermostat

Could you help me, please?

Motion Blinds has been added

It may be this but the url does not load for me so I can’t verify

Near Smart has been added

While this is true…

Considering a team of devoted enthuasts such as yourself don’t know where ST is going. Why would big companies like Hive or Honeywell invest time?

This is still a failing on ST’s part I think.

SmartThings’ user base is huge, according what Samsung states. As a manufacturer you have to consider the loss of the market if your devices not working in an ecosystem like SmartThings. Users might would choose something else, but your brand. You cannot just rely on enthusiasts to make it work. You have to make that extra mile to get the market.

The certified and non-certified products is like that. You can make your devices to make with SmartThings as being non-certified, but in that case you cannot use SmartThings logos on your product, etc. If you pay for the certification then you can advertise that your devices are SmartThings compatible.

Exosite Exohome has been added