New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Another zigbee device that isn’t live yet :man_facepalming:t2:

3 Day Blinds has been added

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Home Connect has been added

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Amazing! I was looking for a new Bosch dishwasher. I wasn’t planning on getti g a wifi one, but if there is a lot of value in smartthings, then maybe. Hopefully they’ll be reviews soon.

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Enersponse has been added (Energy Monitoring)

EVVR has been added (switch/dimmer)

HELTUN has been added ( Switch/Dimmer & Thermostats)

Our First Responder @JDRoberts needs to check their Relay and Switch modules, as they look loaded with features, and he can do recommendations when needed, as he always does to others.


I’ll need to wait until we get some community reviews first since I can’t try these myself (EU zwave), but we’ve definitely had people asking about them in the past, so this is very good news. :sunglasses:

One community member was able to get the Quinto 5 button switch from Heltun to work by using the Zooz power strip DTH. But they were only able to get on/off, no advanced features. Hopefully the new integration will provide more.

Here’s the old discussion thread if anyone is interested.

HELTUN HE-RS01 - 5 channel relay switch


easyiot has been added (lighting)

per usual with hub connected devices, the brand has appeared 2 weeks before the actual devices will be useable. They are only on the staging branch currently. Two more weeks until production branch.


When brands like heltun are being added. Are they being setup using Edge?

I returned a heltun 4 Gang switch not long ago because i couldnt get it working and there were no groovy drivers.

It just varies from company to company, and sometimes even model to model. It’s up to each company what they offer.

With regard to Heltun specifically, a company representative recently posted in the forum and when I asked replied that the current integration is a groovy DTH. No word on whether Edge drivers are planned. :thinking:

Nothing published in the app is using Edge yet since Edge is still in beta.

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Onassis Smart has been added

looks like more Nest cams are supported now


Kinda strange it doesn’t say the thermostat is supported…

It would be great if they supported the lights to be controlled for their spotlight camera. It seems like a no brainer!

Sorry, I live in Italy am this is the message if i try to connect my new nest cam indor Wired. :thinking: Not compatibile?

I can only report on what is posted in the US. Most likely, it is region locked and not available to you in Italy.