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New App wont allow mobile presence to unlock doors

I just downloaded and started to play around with the new mobile app and in doing so found that a scene I created to either arrive home or leave would not give me the option to lock or unlock my doors. I then emailed Samsung tech support and just received a response:

Dear Ed,
Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

This feature is not allowed due to security purposes. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We’re here to help! You can call us Monday-Saturday 12p-9p EST at 1-866-813-2404.

Kind Regards,
Will T.
SmartThings Support

I dont know if they are following suit with the Amazon Alexa and will not allow this or is it still in development. If they do not allow that feature it will be a deal killer for me and time to go back to Vera. Is there a work around?


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Can you create a simulated switch, and use that to unlock the door? I can’t test that because i don’t have any smart locks…

If yes then you could do something with webCoRE or Tasker…

Best advice is to continue using SmartThings classic until prompted to use the newer app. All the features in the older app do not yet fully work in the newer app. :slight_smile:


WebCore is not yet available with the new SmartThings Samsung Connect app unless you first install it through the SmartThings classic app, and that can cause other problems. :disappointed_relieved:

Based on that reply from support they aren’t going to be adding the ability back in…

I have no idea what I’m talking about here, but just based on some stuff I’ve read, you may find that there are more features available under rules than there are under scenes.


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So I went ahead and updated to the March 17th update of the new app giving them some time to add more functionality to the Android side and run a few more tests.

The functionality to unlock a door is not there for any Automation. This isn’t just for Mobile Presence.

“Locked” is the only available choice when selecting a lock in an Automation.

Did someone from SmartThings say this functionality wouldn’t be added? It’s still early stage folks. So are people guessing or did you receive official word that this would not exist for locks with Automations in the new app? I realize that the email came from Support that says due to security restrictions, but if you can do it with webCoRE that doesn’t hold alot of water. If it’s some sort of Samsung liability that they don’t want and allow it for 3rd party, I guess that’s a thought, but the fact that I can manually lock and unlock it, and have other mechanisms to unlock it, that wouldn’t make much sense for them to restrict it in an automation itself.

As an fyi: I have two Yale Locks and only one is working in the new app. The other says checking status and I even downloaded the new device controller for it when it asked (lol dont know what that is). The one lock can be manually locked and unlocked without an issue:

Now for a Bose speaker in an automation, I have the ability to select a ton of options I can do with the device :slight_smile:

The app holds a lot of promise. As for what is there and isn’t there or what it isn’t going to be added that we can currently do, I wouldn’t sweat it right now. We were told that the equivalent of everything will be there, whether we have to do it another way or not.

Another comment as far as Automations go, all of my custom and ootb Smartapps show as an Automation and 90% of them show the enable / disable toggle, including webCore which by the way can be launched / authenticated and the dashboard works within the app browser (minimal testing). But NST Manager doesn’t have enable disable and when launched it just returns back to the Automations page.

FYI: SHM was added to the Android side on the Mar 17 update as well.

Another FYI: For a mobile presence (based on location device) automation for leaving and arriving you have a lot more flexibility in that you can select from one of the following :slight_smile:

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Are you not contradicting this with your entire post. You are literally pointing out what is and isn’t working right now yet we know, as you state we should not be trying to figure out what is and isn’t working in the new app yet.

I’m confused as to the purpose of your post. In my mind it’s adding more confusion. Did you succumb to your curiosity, lol?

The title of the post stated that mobile presence wouldn’t allow a lock to be unlocked. It’s been a while since I had updated and performd those last round of tests when comparing with Jimmy between IOS and Android, so I wanted to see what new elements have been introduced as well as testing the title of the topic to see what is and isn’t there.

A long with doing those tests around the lock, I was investigating additional stuff that had been introduced since the last version which included them adding the SmartApps, SHM and other things.

The entire post was just recognizing and informing what is there and that it isn’t complete so from the actual topic and someone who received the email that it is a security risk, until someone confirms that officially, I said I wouldn’t sweat it, along with all of the other things that are incomplete.

I stated it holds promise because I see some things that they are doing even better than what the current app does.

It was all about observations of the new app and not to worry about things that aren’t there yet because it is still a work in progress. If you are confused Nezmo, my sincerest apologies.

It wasn’t meant to be a contradictory post, just a huge observation of where it is, where it came from and where I see it going. :slight_smile:

No apology needed to me. I’m not confused as I’ve chosen to accept that anything reported now is based on an incomplete app and back end. I’m just not sure others who may not have followed the gazillions posts containing some facts, lots of guessing and lots of speculation will see it for what it is.

I’m just cranky today I guess.


Neither of my locks show up in the new app so I can’t test this :triumph:

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No worries. I gave up on the fact on telling people not to use it. The fact that the OP for this topic is investigating functions, I wanted to see for myself where it is and saw a lot of things. As for my curiosity I was pleasantly surprised to see the additions they made to the Android side since I last tested. A lot got put in. Yes, it has a long way to go, but if people are going to be using it, so be it.

There are a 1000 posts, by you, me and countless others with the warnings as why they shouldn’t and if they haven’t read all of those topics and don’t want to adhere, it’s not our responsibility if they kill their environment. SmartThings community icated this all the wrong way and there is no way at this point to put the cat back inside the bag.

For me I wont actively use it until it is ready. Just use ng it for t wting and seeing the forward progress being made on it.

Have a margarita. That will get rid of cranky :smile:

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Ya my point in that observation was to state that they aren’t done with the locks side of things as it ties into the actual topic and Mobile Presence. My two are identical but only one is functional. I wasn’t pointing out that it is broken, just that the fact that one does work and one doesn’t as of this moment. :slight_smile:

Do you have Modes in the IOS side yet? When I was testing the location automation and was going to base it on Modes, it shows no Modes for me yet, so it doesn’t recognize that from the current IDE.

Sure do

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Hehe they playing catch up again on the Android side. I thought I caught up to you.

My previous screen shot was an action. Here’s Mode as a condition. Btw, I really like the automation creator in the new app.

Cool. Looks like they haven’t added that to Android yet.

When I goto Actions I can do Notification, Control Device or Change Security Mode (SHM status). Location Mode doesn’t show there yet.

I don’t have this. But I’m still having troubles with new Smart Home Monitor.

This is at the bottom of Actions (remember I didn’t have SHM until I updated today and it wasn’t installed as an Automation so I went to Add Automation and then selected SHM from scratch):


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