New App - What am I missing? (June 2021)

Ok I now have the new app (didn’t really have a choice as it auto updated). Although I’m sure I am missing some things but the screen presentation isn’t as neat as the former one. For example, now all my devices have a separate page by room. I have several rooms with only one device so I have about 8 pages to go through to find the right one?? Under favorites, ALL my devices are showing but with no categorization as to the room?? When I look at my Automations they now include actions that are simple timers on or off and not real automation. This would be ok but there is no description as to the device, just Power ON or Power OFF, I have to go into the now classified automation to know which device it is referencing?? I am not sure what the advantages of this new app are? Also I can’t find any settings to better organize to find things quicker. So what am I missing? :thinking:

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In the rooms section, you can click on the home icon in the upper left of the screen to see the list of rooms.

Strange, my room names appear on the tiles in favorites.

Thanks I now see the rooms listed on the Home section of the devices. Also I just missed the room listing on the favorites page. I think I was confused in that I thought maybe just the most frequently used devices would be under favorites but everything is listed there, at least in my favorites.

You tap and hold a device in favorites to bring up a menu that will let you remove devices you dont want on the favorites page from favorites…

But you cannot organise by room on the favorites page with a noticeable heading for each room like before

Instead it is now easier to study each similar looking tile and look for the room name, as long as you have laser sharp eye sight, it’s great

You never now, sliding one tile onto another tile might one day create a screen folder with a user defined heading … I’m sure that sort of crazy thing is a feature elsewhere in the world

No, and it is particularly frustrating because the Automations tab shows they can do relatively discreet section headers when they feel like it.

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I just don’t get why Automations and Quick Controls have been merged, and indeed why they aren’t on separate pages viz. the Devices tab.

I never used the Power On/Off quick controls but I understand their terse naming is not a new thing. It doesn’t make it any less unhelpful though. The buttons, of course, do have their names in their quick controls.

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I think they have finally screwed the app up beyond repair. my simple time on time off for lights only work or some, but not all lights. Have rebooted, killed and reloaded the app, nothing makes any sense.
In the modern world of smart apps, this takes the cake for stupid. With a platform as broad as this hub, they need to spend a little time on the app or it is dead.

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Thank you for noticing Graham :+1:

But discreet menu selections are also out of place and or incorrect when they are important items

They should be prominent, informative and utilised throughout for a consistent experience

It simply looks like they have clever code jockeys just no one with a clue on design… sorry if the designer is reading this but your school report will say
'Must try harder ’

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The actions of the quick controls should be at least as before, separated from the automations and to improve it they should add the name of the device or allow to add a custom title.
They just added a small gray settings icon to differentiate them.

To mitigate some of this, you can choose custom order of automations and group the quick controls at the end, as they were before.

Is there any pattern to which lights and which handlers?

I can’t remember if time based Automations run locally, but if they do any devices using handlers incorrectly set to run locally will have suddenly started having problems.

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They do seem eligible for local as long as you don’t use the delay timer Graham… Sunrise / Sunset also seems to work.

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Thanks, I have done the sorting of the Automations but the “Power” term falls into the middle of the alpha sort so they are still not completely segregated. I have no idea why they combined these functions with no ID as to the device affected. Furthermore, maybe someone can enlighten me as to what this app update was supposed to have provided that would be an enhancement or additional features/functionality? I can only hope that Samsung reads these comments and will at least add some additional description. :thinking:

Sorry, I don’t know if I understood you well.
If you choose custom order, you can drag the automations one by one with your finger and group them at the end.

If you open the automation you can change the name to whatever you want. All you have to do is click the automation name text at the top and it will let you edit it.

If you go to the devices tap at the bottom of the app then click the room name drop down box at the top you can select all devices. This will give you a single page list view of all your devices. You can sort the all devices page if you click the three dots in the top right corner and select sort by. You can choose to sort them alphabetically or by room.

Thanks for the tips but don’t understand how to name the device showing on the Automation screen. If it is a true Automation it does show the name but for actions that are simply timer related ON/OFF there is no reference to the device being controlled. When I click the Power ON Automation I do see the correct device name and can even edit it but back on the summary Automation screen it justs says Power ON. Prior to the new app these types of simple designated actions were not part of the Automations page and the action was found at the device level. Maybe I am still missing it but I do not see any way of naming what device is being referenced as Power ON/OFF from the Automation summary page unless I select it in which case I can see the device. I have 11 such Power ON/OFF actions listed and need to select each one to know what device is being controlled???

You aren’t missing anything. The Power On and Power Off Quick Controls really are created without the device being included in their name and there is nothing you can do about it.

On the Android app at least, the Quick Controls have always been displayed on the Automations page, which is just as well as it has always been easy to end up with multiple instances of them. However they were in a separately labelled section after the Automations proper.

I always prefix my Automations with '[A] ’ so I can identify them in the app History. So for me the proper Automations are listed first. The best that you can do is custom sort the Automations into an order that makes sense to you and hope that eventually ST will recognise that not having the device name is not only mystifying to many, but is also totally inconsistent with the Quick Controls for buttons which do include the device name by default.


You should name each automation so you know what the automation function is. Such as “Sprinklers on at sunset for 15 mins.” This will help you remember what the automation does without going into each device to see what you set it at. If you change something down the road you can change to automation name to reflect these changes.

Quick Controls are handled differently depending on the type of phone you have.

If you have an android phone, this uses a built-in feature in the operating system called “quick controls“ but even that has been implemented differently by different phone manufacturers.


So you can rename quick controls on some phones, but not on others. It can be very confusing, but if someone is talking about quick controls you need to ask what kind of phone they have and what the operating system level is, because the features will be a little different. :thinking:


Oh now I understand, he is calling quick controls automations. They now appear on the same menu but they are different. Quick controls should have their own section under the automations menu.

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