New App - What am I missing? (June 2021)

Sorry I was not clear but yes that is what I am referring to, Quick Controls being merged in with the Automations. The name of the device the Quick Control is activating should be evident without having to go into the Control. I really don’t even get the need to show QC’s since the same thing can be viewed/actioned at the device level.


That’s something different though. The Quick Controls in SmartThings that were being discussed are essentially Automations with a fixed if condition that are set up in the Device details page.

For buttons you are offered a list of valid button values for your device. If you click on one you get taken to what is clearly the Automations editor with the if section not displayed. You used to be able to change the default label first time you edited it but I don’t think you can now. It takes the standard default Automation label format which is e.g. Device Name, Pressed 3 Times. It was unfortunate if you changed the Device name.

For switches you are offered a one off Timer execution or timed Power On and Power Off. These have fixed then actions so just need timer or clock widgets to configure the otherwise fixed if condition.

All the Quick Controls were listed in a separate section on the Automations page. This solely gave you the additional ability to delete them as clicking on them just took you back to the device details page. This was fine for buttons as you could identify them by name and condition, though there could be multiple copies (you often used to get network errors on saving even though the save was successful so retrying created extra copies). However for switches the controls just said e.g. Power On so couldn’t be identified without clicking back to the device.

Now they aren’t even displayed separately, they are just listed as Automations with just a tiny icon to differentiate them. Clicking on an Automation edits it. Cicking on a visually similar control takes you to the device details.