New app transition and Google Home thermostat issue

Made the migration to the new app and only appear to have one issue, but it only affects the Google Home integration.
Have a CT-101 thermostat that has worked fine for years and could be adjusted via voice using google home.
Once I migrated to the new app, I can no longer control the thermostat via google home and I get the google home response “thermostat cannot be set the the temperature”. Even manually, adjusting the temperature from the google home app, does not respond.
I can, however, control the device from the smartthings app and my action tile screen just fine. It just doesn’t respond to the google home integration.
I have unlinked smartthings from the google home app and reinstalled it all, and have the same problem.
Does anyone have any ideas or encountered this before?

@Bob_Dunkle Ask this thread

Your issue is probably a result of this new google integration.