Google Home voice command to set temp not working

It seems just after the announcement for being able to control multiple locations with multiple Google Homes, I can’t change the temp on my thermostats. I do have 2 hubs (locations) and a G Home in each location. I can do the correct voice actions for everything in both locations. If I ask to change temp it tells me the ‘correct thermostat name’ “Can’t be set to that temperature”. I can change the thermostat mode (off, Cool, heat) and I can ask for the temperature on that thermostat. I can even ask for the temp on the remote Tstat which is pretty cool! I just can’t change temp.
I’m using Rboy’s device handler and I’ve checked with them, they say they are doing everything according to the integration specs.

Is this a G Home problem or ST?


I wonder if it is related to the F changing to C issue in ST…

You know, I saw that too and had the same thought. I think I changed it back to F but I’ll be damned if I can remember where that was if it has changed back. I didn’t realize it may have reverted.
Funny thing is, if I ask the temp, it tells me the F temp.

Hmmmm, I’ll poke around there a bit.

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Thanks for the flag. I didn’t realize that was possible. Brad helped me once before and was the only one who took time to understand my problem.

Having the same exact problem with my Centralite Pearl thermostats.

Can you guys PM me your Samsung account emails and I will take a look. I dont think this is your issue but I will bring it up just in case since you mentioned C and F, if you ever change the scale on your location or on your device, remember to do “Sync my devices” again.

Thanks Lars, I just sent my email.
I hadn’t changed anything, it just quit working. I actually have been recently using the voice command every day to set the t-stat since I’m WFH and too lazy to change the daily automation.

What has this world come to that I’m too lazy to adjust automation!! LOL!!!

I also messaged you my email. I’m not sure how related this is to the C/F issue. That started with me too within the last two weeks I think. Going into the thermostat in ST app keeps going to C readout. I can change it to F in there. Never changed my temp scale. Always been F.

Not being able to control the thermostat with Google Home only started yesterday with me immediately after reconnecting the Smartthings service in the Google Home app.

Also to add, I am not having the C/F issue. I did see C in one place and I think it may have been in the device list in Google where the t-stat showed the temp in C. Once I changed it, I assume in ST app, I have not seen that again.
@ToxMox Do you happen to use Rboy DH for your t-stat? Mine are all (3 of them) Ct-100 using Rboy DH. Not pointing finger’s just gathering info.

@PhilL no I don’t use that device handler.

Excellent! Ruled that out!

I just came across this notice and in ST messages. I did follow the instructions and this is about the time it broke.

Hopefully this helps

Found the problem and submitting the fix now. If you want it working immediately, we can possibly modify your custom DTH to work around the issue if needed.

Thanks @Lars. That’s great news.
I’m using an @RBoy DTH but I’m not sure what ToxMox is using. He did say not Rboy’s.
Maybe Maddie can jump in and pick up the mod to the DTH.

Thanks again for the detective work!

@Lars, thanks for the quick fix on this. I am now able to control the thermostats with Google assistant.