New app support


I have a Redmi Note 7 in the UK, which is an international version, running all the same apps as any other phone with a standard OS. I am able to run apps for everything from banking, credit cards, work VPN, Alexa, Sonos and many, many more, including SmartThings Classic!

But the new app won’t even show in the Play store and when I view it on the computer it tells me the app is not compatible with any of my devices. It tells me this in the app store, before I have even installed it, so it isn’t a coding\technical limitation is something you have chosen when publishing your app and nothing to do with the phone or its manufacturer.

This also has nothing to do with MIUI as this is just a manufacturer customisation, just the same as most other manufacturers have under similar acronyms.

So why have you decided it is not compatible and when are you going to fix this?

This MUST be fixed before you discontinue the Classic app.

Go to APKpure and down load the app. I did it on an old ZTE phone that was not supported. It worked fine. I believe this is called side loading.

Good idea, I might give that a go…

But why on earth should I have to risk installing a potentially harmful APK on to my phone when the fact it works proves there is no compatibility issue; it is just something ST did wrong when publishing to Play that no-one there seems to be bothered about fixing! :angry:

I agree totally.

Same phone. Same problem.

Please could I ask that you contact Samsung, Google and Xiaomi as well? I don’t know what to believe but Samsung tell me it is up to Google to decide what is or isn’t compatible in the Play Store, so I contacted Google who tell me it is actually up to Xiaomi to say why an app isn’t compatible with their phone.

It all sounds like buck-passing to me, but I would be keen to hear what you get if you ask the same questions and the more people who ask the more chance of them doing something!