App and Xiaomi Redme note 7 phone

Hi there,

sorry to bother You. I contacted the support but they redirected me to this place.

I recently bought a Samsung washer and would now install the smartthings app to access some washer information. Buuuuut… the app refuses to be installed.

So I wrote to the support an they answered, that the app can only be installed on pure Android. Not on my Xiaomi Redme note 7.

Is there a workaround?

Hey there @bravedreamer,

I hope your enjoying your new washer and thanks for reaching out for assistance!

I’m not too familiar with the MIUI Operating system that Xiamoi Redmi Note 7 uses but If I’m correct your device should be running MIUI 11 which includes the Android Pie OS features so that is where your issue comes into play as it’s not the Pure Android Pie.

Are you able to use/access the Google Play Store, outside of china. Otherwise, they use the MI application within china and I’m not familiar with that at all.

I would recommend reaching out to the manufacture of your device to ensure that capabilities exist as your device would be running international firmware with a third-party operating system.

I hope this message finds you well!


Thanks for the reply. And yes, 'til now we are enjoing the washer. If I could connect it to my phone so that I get the notification when the washer finishes its work, I would be happier.

To my phone: its running the MIUI 11.0.8 which is based on the Android 9 PKQ 1.180904.001. I can use the phone and the playstore as usual. I’m sitting right now here in Italy and have no problems with the phone.

How do I check that the firmware is international?

As far as I understand, if I’m running MIUI I can’t install the app. Is there no workaround than installing another OS?

I completely understand that feeling.

Yes, unfortunately MIUI would be international firmware and unable to download the Application as you mentioned without having a compatible OS.

Others may have other suggestions but I do not know of a work around for this.

I hope this message finds you well!


Hmm… That’s not the answer I hoped to get.

What kind of reason is there behind the scene? Somewhat political of Samsung?


I also have a Redmi Note 7 in the UK, which is an international version, running all the same apps as any other phone with a standard OS. I am able to run apps for everything from banking, credit cards, work VPN, Alexa, Sonos and many, many more, including SmartThings Classic!

This has nothing to do with MIUI as this is just a manufacturer customisation, just the same as most other manufacturers have under similar acronyms.

So why does your app say it is not supported? It tells me this in the app store, before I have even installed it, so it isn’t a coding\technical limitation is something you have chosen when publishing your app and nothing to do with the phone manufacturer.

This MUST be fixed before you discontinue the Classic app.

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I too am forced to switch from the Classic app to the new Smartthings app, but I can’t install it on my Xiaomi phone… what the heck? completely unacceptable!

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Woah… Just bought a Smartthings hub. I was so happy when it arrived. That happiness took 10 minutes and it was all gone…

The old app states “available countries could not be fetched from the server” and the new app isn’t available on the Redmi Note 7, are you kidding me? It has 4 gigs of ram, runs literally EVERY app…

And from reading this topic it simply means that I’ve wasted 150 euro?

Wow… Just wow…