New app ST on Apple Watch?

I switched over to the new ST app and i can’t seem to find a way to put icons from ST on my watch.

What i’m trying to do it open my garage door with my apple watch.

I’ve manged to get the ST widget on my iPhone but it only says “no favorite scenes” even though i made a scene and favorited it within the ST app.

Can this be done if so how?

  1. No Apple Watch app for new app (yet?). 2) to get widgets on phone you also must select which favorite scenes you want. Go to widgets and physically select the ones you want (up to 8) so a check mark appears.
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Was it on the older ST app? I’m looking for a simple way to open by garage door without fumbling around with my phone in the dark.

The old app has an iPhone app / widget. It will allow the add of routines to your watch.

seriously? why would the old app have that and the new one dose not…

There is a very very long list of features and capabilities that the old app supports that the new app does not, so welcome to the club… as for an alternative to fumbling with your phone in the dark, try installing HomeKit and using Siri which can be invoked by the usual voice button in the car if you have CarPlay up and going.