New Features for ST on Apple Watch any time soon?

I was wondering if there are plans for any new features on the Apple Watch w/ the ST iOS app anytime soon?

The insteon app for the Apple Watch is pretty epic, and if ST could just replicate that functionality it would be pretty great.

Any chance that could be coming anytime soon?

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Apple Watch 2.0 is coming out next week which will allow apps to run local on the watch. I hope ST will be taking advantage of this because running the app now is downright painful (takes 10 seconds on average to open). This is not ST’s fault, but apples. Other than this, I have no issue with the Apple Watch app as the point of a watch app is to keep it short and simple and what better way to do it than with routines? What exactly are you looking for?

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I like what Insteon was doing w/ their app. I would just like a list of lights, or door lock. It would be nice to be able to put 10 - 12 devices on there that i can scroll through and turn on and off besides just routines.

It’s not a bad idea as the current ST app only provides actions, not visibility. It would be nice…

Wow! Hadn’t heard about the Insteon Apple Watch integration. Just watched the video here:

Would definitely be awesome if SmartThings had a comparable offering.