New app smart lock guest management? Where is it?

Hi! IRIS refugee myself. Just finished my move to ST this week. I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but I noticed in the new app under Automations, if you click + to create a new automation, the very last pre-made one is called “Smart Lock Guest Access”. Hopefully that is what you are looking for. If not, there are infinite possibilities with this system if you can code or know where to find it. Wish I would have made the move to ST long ago…

Thank you for your answer. Indeed I feel like a refugee!
That’s is the problem I’m having…When I click to Automation, +, in the recommended ones I don;t have that option. I just have Smart Home Monitor, Enhanced Auto Lock Door, Smart Lights, Color coordinator, Keep me Cozy, Thermostat Mode Director and Door Knocker.
May I ask what type of lock are you using? What kind of phone (samsung, iphone)?
Thank you for your help.

I just spoke to Samsung support (It just took 5 minutes this time to speak to somebody, yeahhh!)
basically I need to download the Classic Application on my phone in order to use the Smart lock Guest Management. But since I have a new Hub, I cannot enter it manually on the app in my phone. I have to be physically next to the Hub and I’m not. Therefore, I do not know if it works or not. I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s back up a minute. Which hub do you have, which app are you currently using and which smart lock do you have paired to the hub?

I didn’t realize those were specific to installed devices - thought they were samples… I’m still figuring this new system too.

How did you go with this?

I have just found out form Samsung Australia that the Yale Assure YRD226 is NOT compatible with smart things. In the US it is, in Australia it isn’t.

Not entirely true. Depends on the module used in your lock.

  • If your lock uses a zigbee module it’ll work just fine anywhere in the world (it runs on the same frequency as WiFi, 2.4Ghz which also causes a slight issue with possible interference).
  • If it uses a Z-Wave module, then just ensure that the module installed in your lock matches your hub. If you have a US hub then the Z-Wave module should be a US module, if you’re using a Australian hub, then your Z-Wave module in the lock should match the Australian Z-wave frequency. As long as the frequencies match it will work.

This Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH is used the world over with Yale locks and the SmartThings hub just as long as the frequency of the hub and lock zwave module match.

Once the lock is paired with the hub successfully you can do everything else remotely, installing apps, configuring them, programming locks etc, just as long as your have the right tools. The Classic app works with the new hub just fine FYR. After you’ve activated the hub with the new app, download the Classic app and login with the same Samsung credentials and viola you have access to a ton of advanced features which are missing in the new app.

Thanks so much for the information.

I actually have a Zigbee module in the lock, and in the new app I can only lock the door and unlock the door and see the status. That’s all I can do.

I downloaded the old app and it has the same functionality. I am not sure what I am missing? I think I read somewhere that the old app needs to somehow be near the hub, I have not been to the house since I downloaded the old app.

BTW: The apps take you to USA Samsung site when you view compatible products, if you go down to the bottom of the page and select AU, only 2 Yale products are compatible in Australia.

Could it be only the Z-Wave functionality is comprehensive with Yale?

The issue is with the regionality of features in the app and completely independent of the device itself or the hub. The lock code manager that you are looking for in the app, Smart Lock Guest Access, is only available in the US.

If you are looking for a way to manage lock codes through SmartThings, it is possible but you will need to use a third-party solution, such as what RBoy posted.

The lock code manager that you are looking for in the app, Smart Lock Guest Access, is only available in the US.

Why is this Brad? Is it developed by Samsung? Will it ever be supported in Aus?

I would definitely want the app RBoy mentions, but I have a Zigbee controller on my lock.

It is an official Samsung integration but I am unsure why it is US only or if it will be added to the AU region.

RBoy referenced a device handler. If you are looking to manage lock codes, you do not need a device handler. You just need a SmartApp, such as RBoy’s Lock User Management.

I am having the same issue with the a Yale lock with Z-Wave module. It says it is support on the AU website however only get the lock/unlock and battery level status in the app. It would be great to be able to get the full functionality, including guest management in the app in Australia.

Any idea if/when it will be made available in Australia?


Absolutely, I just bought a yrd256 assure sl lock and its advertised as “works with smart things”. I have it working with my v3 ST hub, but no google home integration or smart lock guest access. I can understand the argument for geo blocking Netflix, DVDs etc but surely this is just ridiculous!!! Very unhappy considering I just spent upwards of $500, did a heap of research before buying the product but get it home, install it and find what’s advertised is false.


Looks to me like the LUM app is a distraction from the fundamental need for this to work as a core feature rather than an expensive third-party add-on.


Is there a PC, web-based interface?

I know this is an old post but you can connect your lock to Google Home voice commands via IFTTT. That’s what I did and it works perfectly.

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I love Rboyapps, but I bought the handler for the Iris Keypad years ago, and I am certainly not going to spend $40 to get an updated version that works now. If it was something like $10 then I would get it again, but at $40 I would first pay someone to do an app that I could give away for free.

Any news on this being released in Au @Brad_ST I think we’ve all been very patient.

is there an apk for an older version of smartthings that incluse smartlocks or allows the smartlock smartapp to be installed?

3 years later this appears to still be an issue.

android user, Caribbean based, controlled Schlage smart lock through Schlage smart app previously which is not supported and schalge advise to use smartthings smartapps, but no options on either of my devices.

installed old/classic app which just redirects to install or launch new smarttings app.

there is an app available but it is behind a paywall. you can check it out by following the the link below…