Migrating from classic to new app?

so, I thought I would switch from the Class app (Android) to the new app.

When I did so, it listed all my devices, and offered to assign them to a room. I didn’t really want to have to do that, so I created an “unknown” room to assign things to.

But as I was going through and assigning each device, I noticed that there were a ton of duplicated devices. I checked on the IDE and that shows the correct list of devices. I suspect it is showing some “old” devices that have been created by integrations, but they don’t exist in either the IDE or classic app…

Sounds like the issue I had. After I installed the new app it created about 50 devices that were listed as Contact1 or Motion1. I could not delete them. I posted a thread about it and BRAD_ST cleared them out for me. Since you say duplicate devices, I not sure if it is same thing I saw but if so, you may need to contact support to get them removed.

@Brad_ST - sorry to mention you directly, but can you help me out here please?

Do you have a support ticket #? I need an identifier in order to take a look.

Sorry, where do I open up a support ticket exactly?

Email support@smartthings.com and you’ll get a reply with a ticket number.