Arrive and Leave Automations are not working

Hi all,

We have set up the ‘Leave Home’ and ‘Arrive Home’ automations to change the locations mode to ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ based on our phones presence. E.g if we both (two of us live in the house) leave the house it should set to ‘Away’ and if any of us arrive it should set to ‘Home’.

This is not working - it simply does not trigger when we leave nor when we arrive. The Samsung Smarthings Home Monitor does not change status unless we manually do it through the app.

Does anyone know what may be causing this?

It sounds like you are conflating the location and security modes. Your SmartThings ‘location’ has modes, sometimes explicitly called the ‘location modes’, that you can use as a sort of global status flag in automations. They default to ‘Home’, ‘Away’ and ‘Night’ (you can rename them and add to them).

The SmartThings Home Monitor (SHM) is a smartapp that has its own internal states also called modes that are sometimes referred to as the ‘security modes’ in an attempt to resolve the confusion caused by calling them modes in the first place. I only have the SmartThings Classic app and in that they are called ‘Armed (Away)’, ‘Armed (Home)’ and ‘Disarmed’. SHM in the ‘new’ app (which I’ve never seen) is a completely separate smartapp but I believe uses the same name for its modes, or something very similar.

So when you are setting the modes to ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ you are setting the location modes and the SHM modes will not be altered.

Although I’ve never seen it, let alone used it, I believe that the ‘new’ app doesn’t allow you to arm and disarm the Smart Home Monitor by anything other than time of day or manually.

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To add to @orangebucket advice, you can view the current location mode from the upper right menu > manage option. It may also be a good idea to add a notification to the automation that is running so you know if the automation is even running.

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