New App Device Handler - No Home Security System Capabilities!?

Hi all,

I’m surprised to see there isn’t a home security system capability within the new app architecture. In the Groovy platform I’ve used the standard method of a Garage Door with the states change.

I currently use 5 states:

  1. Full Armed
  2. Part Armed
  3. Disarmed
  4. Entering (the 30 seconds you get once entering the property to disarm the system)
  5. Intruder / Alarm(ing?)

I have the option to Full and Part Arm the system but not disarm for security although this should be present.

I’m looking to move this over to the new platform (C2C) and once again I’m looking at using a door for the above states but I’m not sure if I can change the wording in the GUI.

I guess what I’m asking is if there are any security systems using the newer platform and what device handlers do they use to make this possible?


The new app does not allow arming/disarming of its version of Smart Home Monitor on any trigger except time of day or manual selection in the app. You can’t even do it with Geopresence. This appears to be intentional, not just missing features still under development.

In fact, you can’t even automate door unlock on Geopresence. :disappointed_relieved:

And the arm/disarm states have not been exposed for developers. For example, webcore can arm or disarm SHM in the classic app, but not in the new app.

See the following:

@tgauchat might be able to say more.

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Thanks. I’m not trying to use the built in Smart Home Monitor but having access to a “Home Security System” device type within the device capabilities as listed here.

Or any other ideas about how to mimic such a device without the specific capability.

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Unless they make a change in the new app, I think that Samsung thinks their refrigerators and TVs are more important than home security. Many of us that purchased this system in the early days did so to enhance or give us some sort of home security.


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There should be a generic device handler. Designed to be used for development. Where you can customise the labels via a function and configure the number of commands and their labels.

So glad I made the jump to Hubitat when I did. ST is starting to get very dictatorial in the way it is managing the system. But I guess the average user wants simplicity and security, not flexibility.

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Yeah I’m starting to think that SmartThings is becoming less developer friendly. I’m currently installing Home-Assistant and an Aeotec Z-Wave USB stick will be delivered today. :smiley: