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New app dashboard tile inconsistencies between Android versions/devices?

The new app is getting better for me, which is a good thing, except that my other family members really prefer the Class app (speed and usability for them). Anyway, I noticed today that my Aeon home energy meter’s tile on the dashboard looks different on my tablet (S2) vs. my phones (Note 5, and an older S4). Notice the value of Watts shows up on my tablet, but not on my phone. Is anyone else seeing something like this (even on iOS):




I don’t have a tablet that I can test John but, on my Galaxy S7 (not edge) phone, I am seeing the wattage in the panel like you are seeing on your tablet (S2). If I get a chance I’ll pull out my old Galaxy S5 tonight and see what it shows for curiosity.

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I just pulled out the S5 and it’s showing the wattage in the tile too.

Version 1.7.34-26 (Galaxy S7)
Version 1.7.33-26 (Galaxy S5)

I updated the S7 from the Galaxy store (1.7.34-26). Google play is still on the prior version (1.7.33-26). though I haven’t seen any noticable differences between the two versions.

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Thanks for getting back with me. I’m on Version 1.7.34-26 on both devices.

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