New App Automations only partially running, and they run hours late

I have been upgraded to the new system from Smartthings. I have added automations using the updated app, I added a notification so I could tell if the routine tried to run. When all presence detectors leave I get the notification hours late and then it does not run the automation which switches the mode to ARMED (AWAY). On arrival I get the notification pretty quickly (1 minute or less) and the automation that changes it from ARMED (AWAY) to DISARMED does not run. My HUB has the latest updates. It does not seem to matter which order the Actions are in, it just sends the notification and does nor change the mode. Not sure how to troubleshoot what is wrong?

I don’t mean to drift off topic, but … how and why did your “upgrade” happen?

I don’t consider the new SmartThings App to be the best option for consumers at this time. Use the SmartThings Classic App and you have a much bigger community available to assist you.

The new app also doesn’t allow arming and disarming Smart Home Monitor based on presence. At least the iOS version doesn’t. Are you sure this isn’t in the Classic app?

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