JSmartWatch: Apple Watch App

I have created an Apple Watch app for accessing SmartThings devices. The app allows you to execute scenes, view the status of devices and turn switches on/off, lock/unlock doors, open/close garage doors and change switch levels. The app is free and now available in the app store:


This should be getting more buzz!


Thanks! I appreciate the support. I’m better at making the app than marketing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Totally gonna test this out!!
Love the in app purchases are tip levels.

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Installed and so far so good!

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Downloaded, installed and impressed by what you have achieved, but at end of day, I’m finding it easier to pull phone out of pocket and use Sharptools dashboard for quick actions. A widget on the watch screen might be useful for accessing the app and to display a favourite.

Looks good. Installation instructions were easy to follow. My watch just got a bit smarter.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree there are times when using an app on my phone is easier than using an app on my watch. I found myself wanting to do simple tasks from my watch which led me to work on this.

I didn’t realize this until now but you can add a shortcut to the watch screen as a complication (JSmartWatch shows up in the list of complications). Unfortunately in this version it shows as a blank area. You can click on that blank area and it launches the app. I will add an icon in the next version to fix this issue.


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Great work!

Can you think of a reason why some devices are not showing-up? I can’t find any pattern. For example, I have regular dimmers missing in some rooms but present in another.

Are the devices that are missing assigned to a room? The old SmartThings app allowed devices to not be in a room (I don’t think you can’t do that anymore) so many of my devices were not in a room for a while. In that case the devices should show in the room called “NO ROOM” in JSmartWatch. If the missing devices are in a room are other devices in the same room showing up?

If you would like I can show you how to make the API calls the app uses to see what is different about these devices.

They are assigned to a room and NO ROOM is empty.

That would be great, thanks.

Send me an email at info@jwerfel.com and I can walk you through it.


@Nezmo and I discovered there is an issue where JSmartWatch will only display the first 200 devices you have. I will fix this in the next version of the app

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Can you make it available for Europe/Romania, too?


I’ve changed the availability to allow all of Europe. It should be available soon.

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Version 1.3.3 is now available in the app store. This version adds support for controlling thermostats (in Fahrenheit), fixes to display more than 200 devices and fixes the icon when the app is included in a complication on the watch face.

I would like to add support for thermostats in Celsius but I didn’t have one available to test with. If you have a thermostat in Celsius and are interested in testing the next version, let me know (email info@jwefel.com).

@jwerfel This is awesome! This thread needs some screenshots…
Complications (big middle and small at bottom)

App (status)


Feature requests…
-Thermostat on status screen (& the big complication) showing temp and color icon for heat cool idle
-option to show the status at the top of favorites page, this would be were I want to go when launch app, status and favorites
-maybe a few small complications that jump right to favorite: devices, scenes, rooms, thermostat

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Thanks @kevin for the pictures and the feature requests. I’ll take a look at implementing them and see what I can do.

I always appreciate new ideas for how I can improve the app!

Could you also make it available to Brazil?