New Android GUI

A new GUI for thermostat control appeared on my Android handset. It places a timeline at the top of the page replacing the “temp set”. I need to scroll down to access the “temperature set” control. As I use that control several times a day, I’m hoping that I can move the control to the top of the page or remove the timeline. I was not able to access this in the app.


Brand and model of the thermostat?

You mean this:

It’s one of the new features to enhance the user interface that may actually achieve the opposite.

You can’t move elements around.


TY for responding

2 T-stats
ecobee3 lite
2gig GC-TBZ48

Neither of which have widgets

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yes, and in my case it achieved the opposite. It reminds me of the time in the 1970’s that my friend needed to loosen the engine mounts in her Ford to replace the spark plugs. Something to be said for engineers to have some real world experience or the forethought to reach out to those that do.