Unable to control Thermostat in iOS app

So I recently updated my Smart Things app which I use to control my thermostat on my iphone. Unfortunately it does not seem like I can adjust the thermostat any longer. The top of the screen has been replaced by a single large image which I am unable to tap or adjust. Is this a bug or is there some new way to interact with this feature that I simply am missing?

ST did introduce a new slider which you have to tap then it opens up full screen to adjust. But it’s possible if you are using a custom handler it is actually broken by the update.

Can you post an image and details of the handler you are using?

This is the screen that appears. I am unable to interact with the green section in any way.

Okay, I suspect this did get borked by the ST app update today. If you did not install a custom handler for this (ie, you are using the SmartThings-supplied default handler) I recommend you report it to SmartThings Support at support@smartthings.com. They are usually responsive. If you did install a custom handler then it would need to be referred to the developer of the hander.