Slider Bar Woes!

(Apostlepd) #1

Does anyone else think that the temp adjustment slider bar for thermostats is the most atrocious and absolutely horrid user interface element known to man? it sucks. Dear SmartThings, please make some improvements to the temperature adjustment for thermostat control…please!!! (Like toggle buttons) And on the same note, adjusting the slider bar for dimmer levels on lights is equally horrible and cringe-worthy. The small dot is extremely difficult to adjust and would be resolved if the slider went horizontally like with the thermostat since the screen always wants to drag when trying to dim the lights. For the thermostat, it’s more of an accuracy problem.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

Yes, I agree. I’m pretty sure they are aware of it, but I’ll try and ask them about it today during their “Office Hours”.

(Eric Schuld) #3

Yeah - a few of us talked about that a few weeks back here. I think they are looking at other options already to try and make that easier with the thermostat in particular. For the dimmer I think it makes sense - but the thermostat was just too hard to nail down a precise temp!

(Chrisb) #4

SmartThings hated the slide bar so much they didn’t even put it in the Android app! :slight_smile:

Okay, really it just hasn’t been implemented yet, but what Eric said: They’re looking at + and - button I think.