Amazon Calypso (echo) turns up the bass

So, I’m sitting here watching Pirates of the Caribbean and they say the name Calypso on the tv.

Guess who woke up?

Yes, my living room echo responded to the name. It wasn’t a fluke because I tested her out. She answers to Alexa and Calypso.

Something else we just discovered. She started playing a song. My wife told her to turn up the bass… And she did! … Not the volume, but the bass.

She just either got more interesting our she has become schizophrenic!


Multiple personality disorder. Great, just what automations need, because we didn’t have enough problems.


My echo did not respond to Calypso. Perhaps your is from the Caribbean?


Not sure if you sold me on echo or turned me away from it. Turn up the bass would be a command so I would expect the bass to be turned up and not the volume. Wait until her name is said in movie that causes weird reactions.

I thought ST already had multiple personality disorder.

Mine is responding to Calypso also… hmm

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Mine wakes up when I say Calypso, but doesn’t recognize anything after that word.

Now mine responds to Calypso turn on the lights. I wonder what is going on with Alexa?? Perhaps she is on a vacation??.

Interesting, last night calypso was a wake word only, but would not accept commands.
This morning it now accepts commands.
Seems a new wake word is in test?, this one is interesting as it functions as a global overide…

I’ve only managed to get the Echo to wake up once saying “calypso”. I get consistent results with Google Translate (speak text), but can’t get it to recognize any commands or questions, it just wakes up.

My Dot, wake up word Echo, is next to my computer. About 5% of the time, whenever I do a little " cough, cough" or sometimes clear my throat, she lights up for a second. Maybe she’s trying to figure out if I have a cold.

We are talking Echo here and not ST though. Echo has not had a dual personality that I have been aware of.

I can also confirm that mine responds to “Calypso” but only a small percent of the time (once out of 5 tries).

When I ask to “turn up the bass” mine turns up the volume 1 notch, confirmed by looking at the light ring and asking again and hearing the volume increase again. My guess is your volume was increasing and it made it seem like the bass increased. Also, saying “turn up the treble” does the same for me, increases the volume.

To be more complete I asked Alexa to “turn up the dog” and guess what happened. Seems the trigger for volume is “turn up” or “turn down”.

I have 2 original Echo’s and 1 Dot.

The 2 originals answer to “Calypso” when the wake word is set to “Alexa” But when changed to “Echo” or “Amazon” “Calypso” no longer works.

The Dot does not answer to “Calypso” no matter what.

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It’s probably just super close sounding to her.


3 syllables, Starts with an A sound, middle syllable starts with an L, and SO sounds similar to A coming off a X.

She is also waking up to Alexso for me :slight_smile: