Echo (Alexa) beeps now instead of "Okay"

Just an interesting note. When I tell my Echo (Alexa) to turn on/off SmartThings integrated lights, it does so but makes a tone/beep instead of the verbal “Okay” we used to hear.

I think this is getting ready for the Amazon Dot to be released, which I’ve read has a very small (cellular phone sized) speaker. So having the tone instead of the Okay may be better for those us of like me who has pre-ordered two dots simply for home automation. I plan on putting one in the living room and one in the bedroom to be able to use voice for the smartthings controlled lights in those areas.

Or maybe my echo is just on the fritz and I’m reading too much in to this? :slight_smile: She works properly for everything else though.

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Mine is doing the same. Turn on uses two notes, first lower and second higher. Turn off has the first higher and second lower.

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I noticed that too last night. I personally like it better than the OK. High chime for success, and the low chime to let me know I was a failure.

Mine as well as of yesterday…

I noticed it yesterday as well. It was a definite system update.

I can’t get into connected home settings… it’s blank now…

Same hereeeee

Working now…

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I found this change rather disturbing… Like my poor Alexa forgot how to acknowledge events in English.

What was disconcerting is that the change didn’t cut over all at once. Some “OK” responses continued for a while.

Aren’t some consumers going to be awfully confused by this??


Briefly blank (about 30 seconds), after that it was fine.

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You must have caught the tail end… was 10-15 minutes… :slight_smile:

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It was a welcome change…but a surprise none-the-less.

Me too, i hope they make it user selectable. Alexa’s humanity was stolen!


Yesterday the DIM command had the OK response… guess they missed one :slight_smile:

I noticed the same thing here, two days ago. Here’s an interesting tidbit, though:

I have 7 Hue bulbs, spanning across 3 lights. I have 1 GE Z-Wave switch for a light fixture fixture. I then have a Virtual Momentary Switch created in ST to do a batch lighting scene.

If I tell Alexa to turn on/off any of the Hue lights or GE switch, I get the ding. If I tell it to turn ON the virtual switch, I get a ding…BUT, if I tell it to turn OFF the virtual switch (which is momentary, so there really is no off), it says ‘OK’.

Interesting! But I do hope they add the option to change it. I much rather her say ‘OK’. Seems way cooler when people are at the house and realize she talks back!

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The Fire TV in my car just got the “ding” update, and it will set my thermostat now too! Yippee! Still won’t read kindle books like the echo though.

How do I add a virtual momentary switch?

I liked when she said “OK”. Makes me feel good, like someone is listening to me.

I also ask her this a lot “Alexa, who is the man?”; especially in front of my wife.

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You can create your own:

Or you can use Alexa helper

I don’t think the change is going over that well from what I’ve read. I’d rather hear OK because the tone is too quiet.