Connecting Smartthing hub with Echo—Does the hub show up as a separate device?

This may be a dumb question but I just got a smartthings hub. Will the hub itself show up as a discovered device within the Alexa app? I have the hub set up but I don’t have any devices connected to it yet. I created the link between the hub and Echo but when I discover devices the hub does not show up.

No, the ST Hub will never show up in Alexa. Just the devices that you expose from the hub will be made available to Alexa.


That’s excellent news. I was getting worried that the discovery wasn’t working. Thanks!

You could create a virtual switch in smartthings for Alexa to discover.

In the marketplace select smartapps and then the “more” category.
Select virtual device creator and fill in the data (the defaults should work fine for testing), then choose save at the top.

This will create a virtual switch device that Alexa should be able to discover (assuming you allow Alexa to access all devices; otherwise you will need to go into the Alexa connect app and add the switch).