NEW: Aeon Home Energy Monitor v2 Device

I have a aeon labs v1

Can you show a screen print of your display showing it working?

Does rat version have a battery %, and does it work?

No it doesn’t

V1 Qn: I just bought the V1 (DSB09104ZWUS) version from Amazon for $20 and planning to use the DH @ I know it has been 2 years since… But, wondering if there is something I need to be careful about V1 DH? Or is there another/better one for V1?
My Use case: Mostly looking at whole house energy use monitoring - real time KW and cumulative KWH.

Appreciate your help

There are several DH with various mods out there. The only to be “careful” about is that on Android devices, some of the code used for color didn’t work. I don’t know if that is still the case. They may have fixed that by now.

This thread talks about one of them:

and here’s another one. I would try them and see which one you like the most:

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Thanks @Jimxenus

This is on my galaxy tab pro

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Tired of my device handler not working properly on my Android devices I decided to venture into rewriting the device handler using my existing one as inspiration. The images below are the stage I am at right now. Colored tiles work fine on Android however I am having an alignment issue with the labels… at times they show centered and at times the get pushed down… no idea why. Anyone?

Also, for the min/max section, which I am not even sure it is worth having, I have yet to figure out decent formatting. For now it is just text strings.

You might notice that the W and A values don’t jive but that is due to a delay between the updating of the values.

Once I am happier with the result, I will share it assuming @storageanarchy approves given most of the inspiration comes from his device handler.

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Would u mind sharing your code?

@jolerius - Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you but I needed to work on it a bit more before sharing it. Please note I am learning this as I go so I am not able to support requests for changes, etc in a timely fashion… also I favor Android 100% so no changes for iOS will be made if they break Android compatibility… but iOS users are welcome to take the code and do whatever they please with it to make it work on iOS. Last, this device handler will only work on Gen 2 HEM.

Is it possible somehow to add L3?? And what Fields are what?

@jolerius - I really have no idea at this point, but I am guessing that it would be pretty involved. Maybe finding an existing device handler that already has L3 might make it easier by serving as a template but I am afraid I cannot undertake this effort and I not having the hardware I would not even be able to validate my work.

The tiles on my device handler are:

“resetDate”, “E_L1_L2”,

V stands for Volts, W for Watts, A for Amps. If it is followed by just one L1/2 then it is the respective value for that leg, if it has both (top row of three tiles) then it is cumulative L1 and L2.

The date represents the last time the kWh counter was reset. The kWh value on its right is the total kWh value for the house, while the two separate kWh values underneath are L1 and L2.

I did not find a good way to label the values that doesn’t waste a lot of space but I will keep looking into it.

Does it take a while for Volts and Amps to populate?

@foltz61 - Sometimes it takes a few minutes to populate. Every so often it just stops updating (qite clear looking at “Recently” log) and I am forced to power the meter down. I installed it in the main circuit breaker box on its own breaker so although not ideal to need to reset it, it is easy enough. I have yet to figure out what is causing the freeze… zwave communication issues? DTH issues? I added wired zwave devices in the garage so that the first node would be closer but it still hangs up occasionally. I am not an expert programmer so it may also have to do with the code…

Thanks. After more research I believe I have the V1 so that’s my issue. Thanks for creating the DH.

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Since I installed my HEMv2 last year, I’ve had debug messages clogging up my activity feed:

I went into @storageanarchy’s code and commented out the debug logging and all is quiet finally:

But does anyone know what is causing error “groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.math.BigDecimal#multiply.” in this line:
BigDecimal costDecimal = newValue * ( kWhCost as BigDecimal )

I realised I haven’t reset the HEMv2 in some months and just did this, but the error is still appearing. Any help appreciated!

Try replacing that line with this:

Double costDecimal = newValue.toDouble() * kWhCost.toDouble()


I did so! Now I get error:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toDouble() on null object @ line 419

I honestly don’t know what the problem can be - I just double checked, and I am running virtually the exact same code for 2 years without this error.

I suggest that you revert back to the original version from my gitHub (here ).

One thing to check/verify - make sure that you have edited the Preferences for the device - taking care that the STRING you enter for kWhCost looks like a decimal number (I should have probably made that a decimal instead of a string, but IIRC there was some other issue with that way back when).