NuHeat Heated Floor Thermostat & SmartThings?

Hi everybody,

The previous owners of out house put in NuHeat heated floors and this is my 1st time messing with these things. Am looking to replace the “dumb” thermostat for a smart one and the NuHeat smart one is not listed within SmartThings,.

I had to install one in another room where I don’t need automations as the original unit past away. I can see it in my Home Assistant VM and can control it so I have a backup plan, ST is main and would rather keep everything in 1 app.
I found the Sinope one which is compatible with ST. Am in Montreal, Canada if that has an impact.

So newbie questions:

  1. Are these things “universal” if yes I’d get the Sinope one and problem solved
  2. Has anyone got the NuHeat ones to work with ST? I looked in the forum here and found “vintage” posts or EU ones.

Any advice would be quite welcomed.


Sínope works to an extent. For me, no settings can be saved and outside temp is gone. I can turn on and off, adjust the temperature and frankly have not tried to put it on any schedule. After the conversion it broke and each company blames the other with no fix in the horizon.

I am currently searching for something that might be able to integrate as well. If anyone has any suggestions of floor heater that would be awesome !