Never loads things

Ever since the last hub update I have been unable to see my things in the android app. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issue. Anyone else have this problem. Trying to add a Google Home device but without this portion of the app working, the entire controlled structure is awol.

Android, here no issues after update. Try removing data/cache (not sure that happens completely on un-install)

Contact support, they should be able to get you going.

Thanks. Clearing the cache was the first thing I tried. Everything shows up in their rooms fine and seem to respond properly including the last few items I added. Very frustrating not having any other way than through the app to interact with the hub. A local-only web page would be a nice fall back.

The last hub update was in September. Last week’s promised update never happened.
If the app is hanging up, try uninstalling it from the device and then installing it fresh.

Oh. You are right. Forgot about that. Just tried the app on a tablet - fresh install. Same results. With no way to properly remove things from my hub to find the bad device (my guess is a rogue device) I’m not really feeling the love right now.

Just installed the Apple version of the app on my company phone. Apple application works fine…

Having the same issue. support told me it was one of my devices so I deleted the device but still having issues. Works fine on an iPhone but not android. I am wondering if it is something to do with me running the latest version of android.

Unfortunately, my reply for email assistance went Un replied to. I’m sure it is a device issue. I have two GE bulbs that have recently been disconnecting every few days and my old wink devices with the Electric Imp interface have become unresponsive and I cannot delete the devices or the interface hardware. The lack of fail over is frustrating.